A Collar Vest love story March 19, 2015 06:12

NICE TO NEAT YOU! In our blog we’ll give you all the info you need to know about our Collar Vests, how to wear it with great examples from other fashionistas worldwide. We’ll talk about fashion and everything around it – cause if you’re a Neat Collar girl. you must be an IT GIRL with a superb taste in fashion, movies, and lifestyle in general. There will be a lot of interesting stuff out here so stay tuned!

But first, we would like to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about the story behind NEAT.


LET US TELL YOU THIS: Creating a new brand is just like giving birth. OK, you’re right, we haven’t been there yet, but minus the Epidural and pains we’re sure it’s quite similar – that moment all your ideas and designs truly come alive, and your creation becomes - your baby. 

We are Hilla Yachimoviz Kadmon and Ido kadmon, the proud parents of this new Tel-Avivian brand, which is small but has a lot of chutzpah. Baby steps, one day at a time - it’s growing bigger.

After a successful debut collection we are heading towards another line, this time a mini collection, which is in the process at this moment. Meanwhile we’re spreading the word around the world, letting more and more fashionistas a glimpse into a new world which they can upgrade their wardrobe in minimum effort.

IT ALL STARTED WHEN… I (Hilla) stood in front of my closet one day and thought to myself that I need some kind of change. I love playing mix and match with my items, but this time I was looking for this little twist that will make the difference. I realized that a collar is the perfect solution – a little addition that can change the whole look.

The idea to open a brand just popped this very day. I told my husband about this and we decided to go for it – neither of us was a fashion designer but we had this vision and we decided we’re capable to make it. At the time I was working as fashion journalist and the editor in chief of a fashion magazine, so you can say I was literally behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Through the years I’ve learned the basics of fashion design, and so we started to think and develop this product.

Each one of us focused on a different section – I’m in charge on the fashion and marketing and Ido is in charge on finance, logistics and technologies. We consulted and used the services of many professionals in this field, from cutters to tailors, until we found the perfect pattern for us and then: Neat was born. Yeah!



It’s important to say: we didn’t invent the collars, they exists for about 200 years and were very popular in Europe (Dickies, or mock collars rings a bell?) The big different is in the design, which in the past was like an apron but our unique pattern of collar is dressed like a vest. it is very comfortable, suit for verity of sizes and even looks good on your clothes and not just beneath.

We developed two different patterns - the first one named Jane (after Jane Birkin) it has 4 buttons and the idea is that you can wear it beneath your shirt or dress and it looks like you are wearing a shirt. The second design named Alexa (after Alexa Chung) and has 1 button, a cool edgy vest that you can wear over or beneath your clothes.

In our first collection you can find 7 models in different colors and fabrics - some with 4 buttons and some with 1. There is a wide verity of styles - from classic collars and elegant ones,  to the trendiest collars and ones who are a bit edgy. We have 3 more models in the sewing factory at the moment – which we designed after checking our costumers needs and requests.



NEXT STOP for us would be to expend, we believe that our product is super useful and fits so many women around the globe from different backgrounds, giving them a chance to refresh their wardrobe with this little twist that will never go out of style. Cheers!